How much does a limo cost? This is the first question being asked.  When someone wants limousine service.

A limousine is a stylish car. It was first made in France in 1902. Limousine is becoming stylish day by day. So the demand for,  limousine service in Seattle also increases day by day. People need limousine service at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and many more events.  

So Limo Service Seattle has different terms and conditions for different people. The limo cost depends on,

  •  how many days or for how many hours you need limousine services
  • Which limousine did you want?  Black limo,  big, small, etc. 

So you Want to Hire a Limo?

Our limo services are the best transportation service in the world. It will make your event more remarkable and outstanding. limo services Seattle is an amazing transportation service. Our transportation service will fulfill your dreams and demands. Mostly Seattle black limo is in demand.  Some people also search the limo service near me.

If you want to hire a limo from Seattle Limo Service you will have to fill in certain types of information like,

  • Which limo do you need?  
  • On which day do you need limousine service?
  • For how many days or hours do you need the limousine services? 

How much does a cost limo cost by Seattle limo services? 

Depends on 4 major points that should be fulfilled to rent a limo from our limo services.

Limousines come in the following types:

Our limousine service offers you many types of limos. According to your need. The type of limo you chose depends on the cost. We offer you 4-seater to 16-seater limos. Our transportation Service provides you with a huge variety of limos. Our limos have comfortable seats so the passenger can feel comfortable while traveling. And enjoy their ride or their special events too. When hiring a limo, you have many options and of course, black Seattle limos mostly indeed.  2 seater limos may vary from  70$ and90$. an hour.  And if you want a big limo it will cost from  $95 to $100  per hour. 

  • We offer you a 16 seater limo too.  Which are perfect for big fiction like weddings, bridal showers,  baby showers, etc. 
  • The 4-16 seater limo average cost varies from $60 to $80 per hour.  10- 16 seater limo average cost varies from $75 to $130 per hour. 
  • We have the Sprinter limo too. It is the most demanding limo for rent. This is an 8- 14 seater the average price of it varies per hour and location.
  • Our limousine service also provides you with limo coaches. It is a 15-50  seater comfortable coach. Its price varies per hour. So we have all types of limos for rent.

Do you have a specific time in mind for the limo service?

Demand for limos is very high on certain days of the week or years.  The demand and supply runs side by side. Demand plays an important role in the cost of the limo.  If the demand for limos is more settled limo services will increase the rental cost. On weekends the rental cost of the limo will be more.  Because have more demos from the limo. Our limo service makes sure that we full fill your need. We will make that we will provide limo on your demand. And on the day you need. 

How long do you the need limo:

Time is important. People usually asked is there a limo service near me. To rent a limo from Limo Seattle Services you must also tell us at which time you want the limo. We charge rent per hour. We charge from per hour to per day. Depending on SUV Limousine regular customer. Or on any special event like Christmas, Easter, etc. So we will charge you according to the period you need limo services from us.

Is Gratuity Included in the Cost of the Limo Service?

Companies also give some bones.  Some companies offer onus on booking limos. Some charge another fee for different quotes. each organization handles gratuity in another way. a few organizations will accept the gratuity in the cost of reserving a limo carrier and others will upload it as a separate charge whilst quoting you. So when calling for a quote, make certain you ask if the gratuity is covered within the fee of the limo. events like weddings regularly will consist of gratuity as they know the bride and groom will probably not be wearing coins on the day they used the limousine.

Limo available Seater Rental Price
Luxury Sedans 2-3 $75 to $100
Luxury SUVs 3-6 $89 to $ 95
Limousine (small) 4-6 $60 to $80
Limousine (large) 6-10 $75 to $130
SUV Limousine 10-12 $100 to $250
Party bus (small) 12-18 $120 to $190
Party bus (large) 16-50 $130 to $195

Extra charges:

Our Seattle town car service also has some extra expenses when you book a limo from us. These include administrative fees, snacks, and tips. Our service also charges more if you want to decorate the limo. For any event like a wedding,  bridal shower, baby shower, etc.

There are more extra charges also. Like if you make the limit dirty or any accidents happen or do not return on time. the user will have to pay extra money. This is the policy of our company.


Our limo service supplies you with the styles of limos. You can rent any of the limos from our website. All you have to do to tell when you need it? At which particular time you will need it? Lastly, you have to tell me which limo you want. Mean which limo you need.  Seattle limo service provides you with a variety of limos according to their capacity like 2 seater to 50 seaters.  The rental price also depends on the day or time you need a limo. Rental prices also depend on the limousine style too. So Seattle limo benefit makes sure that they provide you with the best service. To make your journey comfortable and remarkable.