10 Days Seattle Road Trip: What to See, Do, and Eat

Seattle is a unique city with chaotic life and stunning natural sights. Indeed, this zone is never less than a fantasy land where you will find different colors of art and nature. It has whimsical art exhibitions, distinctive flavors you have never encountered, and so on! So dust off your shoes and get ready for the best day trips to settle in Washington to explore the city’s hidden treasures. Let’s dive into the journey of best day trips to settle and uncover those places that are worthy of being seen once in a lifetime and are easy to experience by car without the hassle of parking.

Day 1st: Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

The most striking and unseen beauty is the Olympic National Park. The sights are stunning and hypnotizing; you cannot resist being affected by that beauty. It’s almost near Seattle, approximately two and a half hours from Seattle.

Watching the views of natural beauty, you can easily get lost in it. There are countless nature, wildflowers, meadows, and subalpine forests. If you want to engage in some physical activities that are thrilling and fun, you must visit Hurricane Ridge and Crescent Lake for hiking. To take hot, incredible pictures for Instagram, visit Sol Duc Falls, the mesmerizing beauty of waterfalls blanketed by dense forests. All these captivating beauties are there to capture your soul and mind.

Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State

2nd day: Mount Rainier National Park

Another park with a different intrinsic worth! These magical scenic beauties offer stunning views and fresh mountain air. It’s considered a long-day tour, about 3.5 hours from Seattle by car. You can hike and walk in the mountains, if you’re a climber rather than sight-seeing is the only option left for non-climbers. You can amaze yourself by exploring Mount St Helens, Mount Rainier, and Panorama Point. Despite this thrilling beauty, there is a lot of wildlife, too. From colorful birds to tiny critters, you can watch them there.

North Cascades National park in Washington State

3rd day: North Cascades National Park

Leave the city behind for the day to explore this park; its breathtaking views can pause you for some time, with subtle glacier peaks, soothing blue lakes, and emerald forests. It’s like a grand feast for your eyes and a party for your soul. It’s just two hours away from Seattle by luxury town car. It’s considered a photographer’s paradise for its large quantity of picturesque spots. It has a wide variety of mountains & more than 300 glaciers; an electric-colored lake and glittering mountainside beauties are made to be captured through cameras for memory. Summer is the best option for hiking, walking, and kayaking.

Whidbey Island

4th day: Whidbey Island

If you are a beach lover, it’s your place! It’s very near Seattle and is considered a relaxing and enjoyable place. There are plenty of beaches and outdoor fun, including shopping places, restaurants, cafes, state parks, and much more to explore. The quaint village alongside the island offers another great spot to take pictures and have fun. Some parks include Deception Pass State Park, Joseph Whidbey State Park, Fort Ebey State Park, and Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve.

Bainbridge Island Washington

5th day: Bainbridge Island

Another island with distinctive viewpoints! This island beautifully blends natural gems with historic and cultural heritage. Lytle Beach, Bloedel Reserve Arboretum, and gardens are some of the best-visited places that should be added to your list.

If you love to know about culture, visit the Suquamish Museum and learn about its history and people. For sweet lovers, there are options to fulfill their cravings with artisanal ice cream and pastries.

Gig Harbor in Washington

6th day:  Gig Harbor

The shortest yet most romantic place is Gig Harbor; it should be on your list. It’s next to Seattle, 45 minutes of drive-through car. Gig Harbor is a vintage-style seaside village that looks appealing and soothing. There are various activities you should try, like hiking, walking, chatting with locals, discussing their lifestyle, and eating with them. You can come to the water and experience boating and visiting yachts and watercraft. To satisfy your hunger, there are many options for eating while you see the natural beauty.

7th day: Leavenworth

If you want to time travel and go back to the ’70s or ’80s, you should explore this place – the classical yet iconic village depicts a traditional Bavarian town in Germany. The streets of Leavenworth are entirely confined to lovely shops where you can expect anything to be sold. Bavaria-style foods can be served mainly, and Italian and South American dishes are also served. The scenic beauties of the seaside and many more await your exploration.

8th day: bellingham

The iconic largest city in Whatcom country is none other than Bellingham, only 20 miles from the Canadian border. This place is truly blessed with natural gems and splendid outdoor activities. It consists of numerous beaches, ideal for long walks and sun-kisses. Challenging mountain hiking can be done. Must visit Whatcom Water Falls Park to get a glimpse of enchanting scenic viewpoints to explore nature. Whatcom Park has four sets of waterfalls, so it’s better to visit in summer to enjoy fishing, swimming, and other activities.

9th day: Woodinville

Oenophiles!!!! Be ready to get around your favorite spot: Woodinville. People’s main attraction to this place is wine testing. There are mostly 130 wineries and breweries. It’s almost 25 minutes away from Seattle. People come to test the wine. Despite this, you can enjoy their beautiful Sammamish valley or see that place from a distinctive viewpoint through a hot-air balloon.

10th day: Tiger Mountain straight forest

Here a day trip will not cover its place due to its extensive area, which spans almost 13745 acres. Can you believe it? This massive area can be covered by bikes or horse rides. If you’re genuinely interested in visiting it, scroll through these options. The other option is to use paragliding to enjoy the valley and embrace the multiple hiking activities to explore this place.


All places are chocked with unlimited fun, thrilling adventure, and natural gems; it’s worthwhile to visit these iconic points to view the beauty that soothes our minds and is a tonic for our souls. Hire a black car service from Seattle Black Limo and add a touch of style and comfort to your everyday trips to enjoy unlimited fun.